Tips to remember...

Keep some of these top tips in mind when you next need a plumber...
What do people say? Are they quick to recommend a tradesman or advise caution? Friends and acquaintances offer the best opinion about various tradesmen, the quality of their work and the competiveness of their prices.

A quick look in the back of a tradesman's vehicle will tell you a lot about how organised the tradesman is. A lot of time will be wasted in the back of badly organised vehicles "locating" tools and equipment.
Getting the best price comes down to the information you give a plumber. Vagueness and uncertainty in the information will almost certainly increase the cost of the quote. If you can provide the plumber with the right information, they can then provide you with the best possible quote.

Timing is everything if you believe that reliability and consistency are necessary for a quality result. So who can work to your timetable? Does it worry you to have to deal with different plumbers or would you prefer to have the same plumber?
Ask yourself if you can get on with this person? It is important in establishing the extent to which your plumber and you are compatible (or not). Remember this is an individual with whom you may need to invite into your home or business.
Be cautious when selecting plumbing fittings. Cheap imports can be problematic and spare parts hard to find. Tapware also needs to be selected that is suitable for the water supply pressure. Specialist plumbing retailers can provide the best advice and after sales service to help you avoid costly mistakes.